Cash x Stella Litter
asca CH akc GCH CH Harmony Hill's Money Talks "Cash"
asca CH Justamere Rockin' The Rockies "Copper"
CH Aladdins Rock Your World
CH Heatherhill My Waterloo
CH Heatherhill Grand Marshall
CH Oprah Winfree of Heatherhill
CH Aladdins Shamelessly Hot
CH Somercrest 1 Hot Number At CuD
Indian Runs Rainbow Mist
CH Spring Fever Great Expectation
CH Caledonia's Crowd Pleaser
CH Jimmie Blue of Adelaide
CH Butterfields Silky Suzanna
WTCH CH Sping Fevers Whoopi Girl
WTCH Gold Nuggets Contender CD
Spring Fever Jazz Minn
CH Harmony Hill's True Lies "Jamie Lee"
CH Harmony Hills Pay For View
CH Paradox Propaganda
CH Heatherhill You Talk Too Much
CH Paradox Propwash Then Again
Harmony Hill Breezin Bye
CH Harmony Hills Distant Thunder
Harmony Hill Brikette of Mack
CH Trouble Brewin At Stormridge
CH Harmony Hills Hunt Country
CH The Highlander of Harmony Hill
Bayshore's Moet
Chloes Impressive Review
Meri-Mors Blazing Bullets
Chasebrook Reprieves Merimorq
asca/akc CH Carolina Calais Stellar Performance "Stella"
asca/akc CH Carolina's Rave Review's CD RV-O GV-N JV-O STDc ATDds HSAs "Bronson"
asca/akc CH Calais' OutAOptions of Carolina STDs "Auggie"
CH Carolina's Im CN Red CD "Arby"
asca HOF CH Briarbook's Bishop of Wyndridge CD STDdsc "Quincy"
CH Almond Joy of Southwynd CD "Almond"
CH Agua Dulce My Option "Mia"
asca HOF sire CH Agua Dulce My Option "Paddington"
CH Tri Ivory Chloe "Chloe"
asca/akc CH Royal Aire's Jilleroo of Carolina "Jilly"
CH Briarbrook's Bishop of Wyndridge CD STDdsc "Quincy"
asca HOF sire CH Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus "Bonzo"
asca HOF dam Aristocrat's Lady Sings The Blues "Bo"
CH Carolina's Dreams of Glory "Lory"
asca HOF sire CH Brirabrook's Game Plan "Gonzo"
CH Almond Joy of Southwynd CD "Almond"
asca CH Calais Carolina Cassie "Cassie"
asca/akc CH Carolina Bayshore Birdcage "Albert"
asca HOF sire CH Bayshore Propwash Balderdash "Balderdash"
asca HOF sire asca/akc CH Propwash Manape Ghostrider "Gooch"
CH Bayshore Propwash Lalapalooza "Lala"
asca/akc Bayshore's Bye Bye Birdie "Birdie"
asca HOF sire CH Brigadoon's California Dude CD Stds "Cal"
CH Bayshore's French Toast CD
asca HOF dam asca/akc CH Lyric's Too Darn Hot "Pepper"
asca HOF sire CH Terra Blues Just Too Hot "Cajun"
asca HOF sire CH Agua Dulce Final Option "Paddington"
Hearthside Just My Style
asca HOF dam asca/akc CH SERED's Lady Day CDX
CH Carolina's Oliver Twist CD "Oliver"
CH Starstuff's Little Red Corvette "Lily"