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Moonridge Burst of Applause!
DOB: 11/21/2014
Heartworm: Negative

Sire:  Calais Carolina Unmarked Bills
Dam:  Carolina Calais Moonridge Encore - UD GO RE HSAs HIAs HXAs OA OAJ OF

Elle was returned to us in September 2018 because her previous people stated she did not bond with them.  She immediately bonded with us; and like most Aussies is like Velcro.  We would consider making her a permanent member of our family, but we have her mother.

She is great with other dogs and she loves people.  She was an only dog left to her own devices for extended periods of time so she would do best with another dog - preferably male.  She is wickedly smart - I mean scary smart - with a good work ethic.  Her previous people taught her an extensive number of tricks.  We train her in rally and obedience in which she excels.   She will make her debut in Rally in mid-May.  She just started on stock in hopes of providing her another outlet for her energy. 

We are still working with her on how to walk nicely on a leash.  She came to us about 5 lbs underweight so she is always looking for food although does not resource guard. 
She requires someone who has experience with opinionated dogs.  Because of this, we do not think she would do well in a home with small children.

We have numerous references that can speak to her personality, biddability and temperament.

Contact Jennifer at <> for additional information. 

Libby (Morgan) Stibley - ASCA Senior Breeder Judge Phone 303-913-7927
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