ASCA Hall of Fame Sires :

ASCA CH Briarbrook's Bishop of Wyndridge, CD STDdsc
ASCA CH Briarbrook's Game Plan
ASCA CH Carolina's ImCN Red, CD
ASCA/AKC CH Calais Carolina OutAOptions of Carolina, STDs
ASCA/AKC CH Carolina Bayshore Birdcage ROMXI
ASCA/AKC CH Calais Carolina Rebel Yell
ASCA Hall of Fame Dams:

ASCA/AKC CH Calais Carolina Mustang Sally  RN STDcsd "Sal"
ASCA/AKC CH Royal Aire's Jilleroo of Carolina
AKC CH Calais' Ivy League O'Lakespring
"Pitty Pat"
AKC/ASCA CH Lyric's Too Darn Hot ROM
AKC/ASCA CH Moorea's EZ To Be Me
ASCA CH Carolina Calais In The Fast Lane

ASCA/AKC CH Carolina IronRose of Calais
ASCA CH Calais Carolina Stellar Performance
ASCA CH AKC GCH CH Calais Carolina On The Fly

ASCA HOFX & USASA Hall of Fame Breeders
Kiowa, Colorado
ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent  Kennel
USASA Hall of Fame Kennel
Rick & Terri Morgan - ASCA Senior Breeder Judge
Cell 720-272-8998
Libby (Morgan) Stibley - ASCA Senior Breeder Judge Phone 303-913-7927
ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel
USASA Hall of Fame Kennel
Selena Poplin
PO Box 23
Kiowa, CO 80117
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***BIG News ***

Rick, Terri, Ashley, Alyssa Madison,Selena and the dogs are moving back to
North Carolina this year !!
As of now Terri & Selena (and the dogs) are in CO. We will be here for ASCA Nationals in September.
Rick and the girls are in NC as of June 1st and are setting up his shop and he is continuing Ramworks Metal Artwork
He will also be in CO for Nationals.
We are still using the PO Box 104, Kiowa, CO 80117 for now and still have our same
email addresses and cell phone numbers for Ramworks (Rick), Calais (Terri) & Carolina (Selena).

We will greatly miss our friends we have made while living here for 25 years and plan to continue to visit Colorado regularly to see everyone.
Libby will be our Colorado contact since she, Jason & Jayden will remain in Colorado.

We hope you will come to see us if you visit NC.

Starting October 2018 look for us on the east coast!
Watch for our new address.