Madison 5th grade 10 years old
Ashely 7th grade 13 years old
Alyssa 7th grade 12 years old
Ashley 13 years old 2011
Alyssa 12 years old 2011
Madison 9 years old 2011
Christmas Fun 2010

Ashley, Alyssa & Madison with
Sal, Douxie & Disco pulling Santa in the sleigh
Girls hitching a ride with Santa

Morgan's getting ready to go on Christmas vacation
Just kidding, having fun with an old bus with "air conditioning"

Morgan Clan going to a wedding Madison on left, Alyssa in the middle , Ashley on right
Christmas photos by Dally Up Photography

Madison, Moolah & Disco hanging out on the hay in TX at Nationals

2009 Halloween Costumes
The 2009 4th Grade "Medieval Feast"
Legacy Academy
Ashley with King Mr T and Alyssa with Queen Mrs Waideand Moon the trusty steed.
Ashley with escort Jacob and Alyssa with escort Patrick going to the feast & the King & Queen
arriving for the feast.
The Morgan Family - Dec. 2004
Ashley, Alyssa, and Madison -
"Going out on the town!"
"Having a Cold One!"
The girls showing dogs

Ashley showing Charlie for a Reserve Junior win Madison showing Whoopie for a Res Jr win
Alyssa winning her class in WI with Disco
Jayden sports photos
Jayden in his football gear and basketball gear - 2013

Thank you for taking these impromptu photos Roger Loeb!
2011 School pictures
Yes, we are ALL growing - 2011
Madison and her new pet goat "Tootsie" - a gift from the Watson's and Chino
Ashley - The Bride
No surprise here!
Alyssa - Cowgirl in Pink with....leggins and red boots?
Madison - Scary BatGirl
Dang Mom does good hair!
Selena and Terri holding Freida
Madison kissing ROSHO
Alyssa riding ROSHO with the trainer
Ashley riding ROSHO with the trainer
Our Cabo San Lucas Trip September 2007 - We had a BLAST!
On the balcony at the Portofino in Cabo
Face of an angel (no, REALLY!)
Jayden with pal "Buddy" (Marlo X Chase)
Madison's Ninjutsu promotions
Yellow belt, Yellow belt w/stripe, Orange belt,Orange belt w/stripe,Green belt, Green belt w/ stripe, Blue belt, Blue belt w/stripe
Madison, 1 yr. old, and soon to be in Pee Wees, as soon as she can walk!
Madison & CH Bayshore's Bye Bye Birdie "Birdie"
Ashley, 4 years old, with Calais' Zippity Doo Dah, CD "Doo"
The girls at their first Nationals!
Ashley Alyssa & Madison at Easter 2004
Morgan Family December 2006
Triple Trouble! Alyssa (L)7 yr Madison (C)5yrs Ashley (R)8yrs 2006
Selena's new lap dog "Poppy"
Girls with their new kittens (thank you Aunt Selena :>))
(Left) Ashley with Chloe -(Center) Madison with Puff- (Right )Alyssa with Cailyn
The Whole Family December 2005
Front Row L-R Madison, Alyssa, Jayden (3wks old) Ashley
Middle Row L-R John (son) Rick , Jason (son-in-law)
Back Row L-R Terri, Louise (Terri's Mom), Libby
The Gang's All Here!
2007 Christmas Eve on Grandma's bed
Sitting far left Grandma (Terri's Mom) on the bed left to right
Madison, Ashley , Jayden (grandson),Alyssa
Madison 3rd Grade 8 1/2 years
Ashley Photo pending retake! 6th Grade 12 yrs
Alyssa 6th Grade 11 yrs old
Jayden 1 year
Jayden 2 years
Jayden serious and hamming it up. Nearly 5 years old!
Our son John with Jayden at 3 weeks old 2005

ASCA HOFX & USASA Hall of Fame Breeders

Ashley 17 years old  Junior  2015
Alyssa 16 years old Junior  2015
Madison 14 years old Freshman   2015
John with Jayden in 2015!
Jayden's football team the "Green Mountain Rams" won the league Championship Carnation Bowl 2015!!
Jayden's #1 Cheerleader, his Mom - Libby
Ashley & Taylor   Sr Picture She graduates May 2017!!
Alyssa & Disco  Sr Picture, YEP! She graduates May 2017 too!!!
Thank you Becky Parker - Dally Up Photography for these great pictures of the girls!!!
I love this picture, it makes me think of them leaving one phase of their life soon and into another.
Madison is a Sophomore !
ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel
USASA Hall of Fame Kennel
Rick & Terri Morgan - ASCA Senior Breeder Judge
Cell 720-272-8998
ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel
USASA Hall of Fame Kennel
Selena Poplin 
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Libby (Morgan) Stibley
ASCA Senior Breeder Judge
Phone 303-913-7927

Lakewood, CO
Madison graduated May 2018, a year early at age 16, we are so proud of her!
Thank you Crystal Philbrook for these beautiful photos!
On June 4th, 2021  Alyssa and Austin became Mr & Mrs Welch and we welcomed our new son-in-law Austin  to our family . They are living in Summerfield, FL.