CH Calais Carolina Northern Exposure HIT
Sire: HOF ASCA/AKC CH Starswept's HiFlyin At Hisaw
Dam: Carolina Calais Now You See Me
DOB: 4/17/09
Color: Red Tri
CERF: Cleared Annually  |  HSF4: Cataract Test Clear
CEA: Clear  | PHA: Neg  |  MDR1: N/N | DM: Clear
OFA: Hips Good  |  Elbows Normal
Breeders: Calais/Carolina
Semen Owner: Ingrid Oliver AK
Rudee's Owner: Ann Young, NM

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There is frozen semen available for Rudee in Colorado
FMI Contact Ingrid Oliver
"Riley" asca/akc HOF CH Starswept's HiFlyin At Hisaw
"Picabo" Carolina Calais NowYouSeeMe
Rudee's Sire & Dam
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